Fiscally Fabulous MasterHER Business Mastery Program


A Special Invitation from Business Development Expert Dr. Teresa Martin:

If you’re a real estate investor/entrepreneur ready for more profits, satisfaction and growth THIS YEAR, you are invited to join Dr. Teresa Martin’s Fiscally Fabulous MasterHER Business Mastery Program!

This exclusive transformational 6-month mastermind group will spark unprecedented results and make 2019 the year that you reach the tipping point in your business, attract your ideal clients and increase your profits… without working harder!

Successful, high-achieving real estate entrepreneurs (“investorpreneurs) understand that their greatest investment isn’t a hot property… it’s the investment in themselves.

Mastery doesn’t come through trial-and-error.

Success doesn’t come through working harder if the work you’re doing is ineffective and inefficient.

Mastery and success come through an intensive and immersive mastermind and business development coaching program that helps you fast-track success by understanding exactly what drives success, how to implement it, and how to leverage your unique strengths.

The Fiscally Fabulous MasterHER Business Mastery Program is specifically designed to:

  • Give passionate and driven real estate entrepreneurs the strategic planning, marketing, motivation, mindset, and business development support they need.

  • Change unproductive and unprofitable patterns and mindsets.

  • Be a catalyst for clarity, growth, and sky-high profits.

If You’re Ready to Generate Outstanding RESULTS …

Tighten your seatbelt because the MasterHER Business Mastery Program is designed to deliver.

This exclusive mastermind group is for experienced real estate investors who:

  • Have a minimum of two years of experience

  • Make a good income, but don’t know how to scale the business

  • Aren’t attracting the ideal clients

  • Aren’t seeing satisfying conversions from their marketing initiatives

  • Have a vision, but no real plan to get there

  • Know the importance of a niche market, but don’t know which one to target

  • Are overwhelmed with the daily running of the business  

  • Don’t know how to leverage all available marketing channels

For an investment of $5,000, qualified participants will experience unprecedented results through strategic planning, support and accountability. 

The MasterHER Business Mastery Program is a priceless investment in your business but it’s NOT for everyone!

The program is NOT for those who aren’t willing to commit.

 The paradox that many real estate entrepreneurs face is that they know they need to change, but they are so wrapped up in their business that adding anything else to their plates can feel like too much. 

Lack of commitment to their own development keeps entrepreneurs stuck in a cycle of lackluster results, repeated mistakes, dissatisfaction, frustration and burnout.

If you are ready to experience massive success, you’ve got to be ready to commit to:

  • Clarifying what you want, and speaking up for what you want...

  • Actively participating in the MasterHER. You are not a sponge. The intent of this group is for participants to contribute, give and receive direct feedback, and learn from each other...

  • Upgrading your mindset so that your success isn’t driven by limitations...

  • Honoring your investment by being proactive with your prescribed action steps...

  • Enhancing your results by using your program benefits...

  • Learning from your mistakes and applying the knowledge...

  • Celebrating your achievements and the achievements of other lady bosses.

Leverage Success

The MasterHER Business Mastery Program Developer and Leader: Dr. Teresa Martin

Dr. Martin is making a positive difference in business and real estate, and to inspire women and financially-challenged individuals to learn how to invest to create a better future. She is a motivational speaker, author, million dollar real estate wealth coach, business strategist, and legal counsel. As founder of Generational Wealth Zone, Dr. Martin is dedicated to showing individuals and entrepreneurs how to become financially empowered by turning the work they love into a profitable and sustainable business. In her speaking engagements and with her clients, she reveals the secret to finding hidden money in client’s bank accounts through a simple mindset and business-model shift which quickly attracts new money.   

She holds her MasterHER participants to high expectations and standards. She:

  • Keeps you focused and accountable in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere

  • Openly shares her expertise, knowledge, and creative ideas to empower you to move forward with fast and strategic marketing initiatives

  • Provides an objective perspective - a fresh set of eyes - to your unique business and marketing approach, to coach you to find solutions and support your decision-making processes.

She cautions that “success by working harder” may be a common approach, but it’s not the wisest one.

If you’re committed to improving your approach to success… if you’re ready to work smarter instead of harder, then you’re ready to succeed!

The MasterHER Business Mastery Program is a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to success and wealth coaching!

The MasterHER Program kicks off with a  2-day Mastermind Retreat in the beautiful Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania. 

This intensive coaching and mastermind kick-starts your business and personal transformation as Dr. Teresa Martin guides you and your fellow lady bosses in strategically planning the momentum you want to achieve. The retreat will lay the foundation and clarify the plan you need to move forward toward your goals.

You will gain Clarity:

  • Clarify your brand’s vision and mission

  • Identify your target market

  • Identify your area of expertise and your unique approach 

  • Create a marketing message that clearly conveys the Who, What, Why, and How of what you offer

You will take Action: 

  • Present your message effectively and quickly to your ideal clients

  • Make powerful decisions that drive growth

  • Formulate a 12-month customized marketing plan

  • Take consistent action toward your goals to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be

  • Leverage your time and opportunities so you work smarter instead of harder, succeed faster and more profoundly... and actually enjoy your business

  • Master a proven lead generation, marketing and sales process

  • Create powerful professional referral alliances

  • Work ON your business, not just IN it

You will be Accountable: 

  • Mastermind and track your progress with your peers

  • Share insights and learn from experiences

  • Develop leadership, marketing, and business development skills


The MasterHER Business Mastery Program also includes:

  • Six 90-minute Mastermind Calls with Teresa and fellow participants. Each month, Dr. Martin will introduce a specific marketing topic, and each participant will have the opportunity to ask questions, mastermind, and get coaching on how to apply the concept to their specific situation.

  • Accountability Partners for additional support. You will be matched with accountability partners during the MasterHER Program. This win-win partnership with another participants will help everyone to learn, understand, implement, correct, and support each other in an encouraging environment.

  • Access to the MasterHER Program Members-only Private Discussion Group. This is an opportunity for networking, connecting, as well as enhanced accountability and support as you move forward week by week. Post your goals on Mondays and report back on Fridays to maintain momentum, motivation, implementation, and success!

The MasterHER Program will transform your business and personal life! 

Your investment of $5,000 will yield significant returns as you:

  • Change your approach to attracting and converting your ideal clients

  • Up-level your mindset so that you shatter your current income ceiling

  • Learn systems and processes that simplify and streamline your business

You will be “living the dream” of owning a thriving legacy business… breaking through to your next income level… while having more free time to pursue other passions… and making a real difference in your life and in the lives of others. 

BONUS: Register by December 15th to receive a Private Jumpstart Coaching Session with Teresa! This is your opportunity to connect one-on-one with Teresa for 45 minutes (valued at $425) to get yourself set up to win in the Advisor Mastery Program.  

To learn more about tuition options and enroll, call (646) 278-6724 or fill out the form below.

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