Crowdsourcing Essentials by Design


How to Tap the Wisdom of Your Market in All Areas of Your Business

Why Crowdsourcing Essentials by Design?

Because most people don’t understand all the potential benefits that await them if they can tap into the collective wisdom of their market.

For many, the term ‘crowdsourcing’ itself may be just a trendy marketing term that doesn’t apply to them.

But successful business owners often look to their market for ideas, content, solutions, and more. That’s what crowdsourcing is really about.

And those crowdsourcing experts reap the rewards by getting closer to their customers, knowing exactly what their customers want, and solving problems faster.

You are going to be surprised by the multitude of ways you can benefit from crowdsourcing in your business. And luckily, you can learn how in Crowdsourcing Essentials by Design.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Crowdsourcing Essentials by Design:

Course Modules

  • Introduction

  • How Crowdsourcing Works

  • Crowdsourcing Content Creation

  • Crowdsourcing for Marketing

  • Crowdsourcing Design

  • Crowdsourcing Microtasks

  • Crowdfunding

  • Crowdsourcing Tips and Best Practices

  • Crowdsourcing Mistakes to Avoid

  • Conclusion – Getting Started


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