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The Wealth Zone Travel Club
Goal Friends Luxury Lifestyle Cruise
To Beautiful and Exotic Cuba!

2020 is the year of 20/20 vision for your business.

Attention Entrepreneurs!
If you’re ready to change the game…

Join 100 Like-Minded Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and MOVERS AND SHAKERS

At The Next Wealth Zone Club “Goal Friends” Cruise to Cuba!

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Hey There Fabulous,

Do you love to work on your business? Would you love to be able to UNPLUG for 4 days so you can focus on your business strategy and the next level?

Do you want to be inspired and uplifted by like-minded entrepreneurs? Create a supportive network of people who want to lift you beyond what you ever thought possible for yourself!

Do you love to travel and see the world? Combine business with pleasure on this eye-opening cruise that lets you see a beautiful part of the world while you work on your business!

Do you want time away from your everyday responsibilities to laser-focus on your next level strategy? Leverage the power of the group and the masterminds to design your next steps!


This isn’t your average cruise…
It’s a life-changing, business-rockin’ experience!


Let me ask you…

How much time do you spend every day working ON your business instead of working IN your business?

Probably not as much as you’d like. There are “fires” to put out, urgent matters to attend to, and before you know it, you’re so wrapped up in the daily ___ that you’re not paying enough attention to your goals.

So imagine this.

Imagine handing your “baby” off to a trusted sitter so you can take four days to refresh, center, inspire, clarify and strategize.

Every business owner NEEDS to unplug periodically to refocus, and I can tell you from working with entrepreneurs every day: the ones who DO take the time to pull away and look at their business with fresh eyes, are the ones who succeed.

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Harness the power of the ocean…


There’s something about the salty sea air that clears out the cobwebs and the old patterns!

But fasten your seatbelt because this is no ordinary cocktails-by-the-pool cruise.

This journey is an epic experience!

Take a look at what this unique, life-changing
experience has to offer!

The Wealth Zone Travel Club
Goal Friends Luxury Lifestyle Cruise To
Beautiful and Exotic Cuba!

Work on Your Business | Create More Revenue
Collaborate with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs | Build Value | Travel the World


You deserve a break! You deserve to be pampered! And you need time for YOU! This is a world-class escape and an adventure that lets you unplug from your stresses, refresh your mind and body.


Learn from and lean into a network of global entrepreneurs. Open your mind, and expand your horizons through mastermind sessions, brainstorming, and chatting over cocktails. On this retreat, you have the time freedom and mental capacity to absorb innovative ideas and put them into action!


Connect with like-minded people and make lifelong friends among a uniquely supportive, innovative, driven and passionate group of entrepreneurs. Join a group of movers and shakers like you for a luxury retreat designed with collaboration in mind. Seek insight and input from your peers to find solutions to the challenges you may be facing.

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Only a select few have what it takes…

Honestly, only a select few people in the entire world have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

If you’re reading this, and if you’re excited about up-leveling your business, then you’re one of them.

  • You love to invest in yourself and in your business

  • You are a more advanced entrepreneur with an offline or online business

  • You absolutely LOVE to travel!

  • You are looking forward to enlarging your international network

  • You are interested in upscaling your business

  • You appreciate the value of working ON your business instead of just IN it

  • You understand the importance of taking time for you

  • You value time freedom and your business is a vehicle to achieve that

  • You love to have fun

Together we will experience incredible new destinations, learn and share new skills and make lifelong friendships. Come cruise the expanse of the ocean without a worry in sight!

And while you enjoy sumptuous food, a relaxing private space on your exclusive balcony cabin, new friends… you will also up-level your business through workshops, mastermind rounds, networking, and presentations.

This trip is your catapult to a better business!

Here’s the bottom line… 


If you’re eyeball-deep in your business, working your tail off but not seeing the results you expected, it’s probably because you’re stuck working IN your business and not ON it.

This cruise is the perfect opportunity to snap out of that pattern and refocus on what you should be doing so that your business will yield the rewards you signed up for!


Imagine setting off on a relaxing cruise through the Caribbean to historic and exotic Cuba for an entire week!

  • ON DAY 1 - We enjoy a visit to sunny Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale). This cosmopolitan city spans 23 miles of Atlantic coastline. That's 23 miles of sun, sand and surf for you to enjoy. World-class golf, dining, shopping and sporting events await you in this city by the sea, first made famous in the 1960 film "Where The Boys Are."

  • DAY 2 - Is a fun day at sea, where you can unwind, unplug, pamper yourself, and deep-dive into your business.

  • DAY 3 - We arrive in Havana, Cuba’s capital. Let’s look at Havana by the numbers: 500 years of history, 2 million residents, 0 places like it in the world. But the figures only begin to explain the Caribbean metropolis of la Habana, Cuba’s capital. For answers, look to the symbols — from the distinct blend of classical and modern architecture to the wide and walkable El Malecon seawall, from the iconic El Morro Castle to the famous American classic cars… none newer than mid-century but most pridefully done up in a fresh coat of paint. Is there a more apt symbol of Havana as a place poised for the future with one foot squarely, and confidently, in the past? Cruise to Havana and explore the narrow backstreets, the wide waterfront boulevards and all the unique Cuban culture in between.

  • ON DAY 4 - You’re free to explore this amazing city with your new friends before cruising to the Bahamas!

  • ON DAY 5 - We arrive in Nassau, where you can spend the day absorbing what this amazing place has to offer. What makes Nassau so special? Picture an idyllic place with stretches of perfect white-sand beaches, gracefully swaying coconut palms offering oases of shade, and warm, crystal-clear waters revealing the secrets of incredible multi-colored marine life. Whether you spend the day shopping for duty-free gifts and mementos, taking a carriage ride past sorbet-colored buildings, or touring in a glass-bottom boat, you'll leave this happy place in the Bahamas with lots of beautiful memories.

  • ON DAY 6 - We return to Ft. Lauderdale… filled with enthusiasm… inspired… refreshed… elevated… and ready to ROCK the next level of your business!


Aaahhh… that sounds delightful!

If you were to cruise to Cuba and the Bahamas on your own, you’d have fun.

No doubt.

BUT… if you could combine a relaxing trip that will literally melt away your stress…

… with the adventure of exploring gorgeous places…

… AND a chance to work on your business (without it feeling like work)...

you’d get so much more out of it!


A small investment with a HUGE payoff 

In the grand scheme of things, there are a few things that we can all agree are important:

  • Finding a balance between work and play

  • Taking time for YOU

  • Opening your mind and getting out of your ruts

  • Learning, innovating, and growing

  • Building and expanding a powerful network

  • Checking in and aligning your actions with your business goals

  • Strategizing and becoming more intentional in your actions

  • Expanding your horizons

What would it mean for you if you could do all of these things while having FUN and making fabulous connections with people who are ALIVE with passion and want to make a difference in the world?

If you could combine all of this in one super-fun package… that only costs $818.47*… it’s a wise investment in your business AND in yourself!


A special note from Teresa:

I can’t promise you millions, but I can promise you this: you will step off the ship a different person than you were when you stepped aboard. The wisdom, knowledge, skills, strategies, and connections you will gain are absolutely priceless - not to mention the experiences and adventures that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

How much is that worth to you?

Let’s make it happen!

Fabulously Yours,



Dr. Teresa R. Martin is a real estate legal consultant & expert business acceleration strategist, sought after speaker, entrepreneurial thought leader, and best-selling author who is on a relentless mission to change the conversation about generational wealth and empower people around the world to become legacy builders.

As a highly talented professional and accomplished consultant, Teresa practices a streamlined and intuitive approach to assisting business owners, which rests on empathy, efficiency, and astute problem solving. She has since discovered that most business owners were missing the key knowledge and planning skills necessary to make their business successful. This insight led Teresa to create a simple system where individual investors and entrepreneurs could receive exclusive training focused on business monetization. She effectively guides her clients with customized systems and follow-up implementation that turns prospects into profits through joint venture partnerships, product sales, business credit optimization and owner’s fundability.

Teresa is living the life she loves and can teach you how to do the same! She is dedicated to showing individuals and entrepreneurs how to become financially empowered by turning the work they love into a profitable and sustainable business. In her speaking engagements and with her clients, she reveals the secret to finding hidden money in client’s bank accounts through a simple mindset and business-model shift which quickly attracts new money.

Currently, she is famous for helping clients plan, build, and profit from their successful business that both change lives and add serious income to their bottom line! 

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Make sure your passport is up to date.
We’ll see you onboard!


*Cruise Notes.

No hidden fees! Here’s what you need to know:

  • $818.47 (double occupancy)

  • Rate includes taxes, fees, port expenses and gratuities

  • Transportation to the cruise is not included

  • Additional $75 charge for temporary Cuban visa to be paid the day of sailing

  • Passports are required

  • 3-hour group cocktail party

  • Overnight stay in Havana, Cuba

  • Second stop in Nassau, Bahamas (Just as an FYI)

  • Triples and Quads available upon request as long as inventory permits. These require a $150 pp deposit

  • Double occupancy requires a $25 pp deposit to be paid ASAP

  • Cabins are on a 1st come 1st served basis, please do not delay!

We’ve made it even easier to cruise with us, by breaking up the payments!

  • Payment #1: a deposit of $25 is due immediately on booking

  • Payment #2: $150 due on 12/17/2019

  • Payment #3 (final): $643.47 due on 2/11/2020


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