Fiscally Fabulous BuildHER Business Community™


If you’re a woman with an entrepreneurial mind and you’re ready to get fast tracked to absolute clarity, momentum, ease, cash, and unprecedented success…

If you dream of designing a business that is impactful, profitable, meaningful and fun but the realities of running a business seem to be pulling you in the wrong direction...

If you feel like you’re reinventing the wheel and your to-do list has you gasping for air...

If you feel stuck on any level…

It’s time for a shift!

Dr. Teresa Martin extends a cordial welcome to the Fiscally Fabulous Business Community, an exclusive membership site for female entrepreneurs ready to run a fiscally fabulous and immensely satisfying business. 

What Is the Fiscally Fabulous BuildHER Business Community?

The Fiscally Fabulous BuildHER Business Community is a monthly membership program where you get exclusive access to Dr. Teresa Martin’s signature Fiscally Fabulous method of running an impactful, profitable and sustainable business (so you can live a Fiscally Fabulous life). 

Each month’s learning modules address concepts from one of the following checkpoints:

  • The Heart of Your Business: gain clarity and authentically express your mission, vision, values, and goals so you can create a legacy business.

  • Build Your Dream Team: your business is only as great as your team! Build your team with intention and learn the secrets of engaging and retaining the best people so you can grow a team of passionate, talented and dedicated people who will help bring your vision to life and scale your business to its greatest potential. 

  • Know Your Money: learn to create a profitable business by gaining insider knowledge on pricing and budgeting.

  • Present Your Brand: be seen and create trust and engagement by creating a cohesive brand image where your visuals, content, and overall voice authentically represent your business vision.

  • Streamline with Systems: work smarter, not harder, by developing effective and efficient workflows and systems.

  • Promote Your Offering: learn how to promote your fabulous service or product, engage your audience, build trust and authority, present value, and learn how to have everyone hitting the BUY NOW button.

Your exclusive membership experience also includes these valuable resources:

  • Quarterly Planning Sessions: we examine your current 90-day action plan and make necessary course corrections. Entrepreneurs who haven’t developed a 90-day action plan yet benefit from expert guidance and a clear roadmap to success.

  • Monthly Accountability check-ins to ensure you’re taking consistent action on your goals.

  • Masterclass Vault Access: your go-to resource for all things entrepreneurial. Study on your own time, at your own pace, with lifetime access to all monthly video trainings from Teresa and her guests, and PDF workbooks on topics relevant to your unique needs. 

  • Fiscally Fabulous Hour Live: a monthly live Q&A with Dr. Teresa Martin offers you 90 minutes of absorbing the wisdom of your Fiscally Fabulous Leader, as well as learning from your Fiscally Fabulous Sisters!

  • Fiscally Fabulous BuildHER Facebook Group: make connections, learn, share, and expand your mind in our exclusive Facebook group.

Join Now for Only $97/month


Don’t waste your precious time searching for resources and information when you can get the business and financial education is right here… develop a roadmap to success… and get the support of an amazing community of female business owners who are as passionate and driven as you… all in one place!

Are you a woman? Entrepreneur? Dreamer? Doer? You belong here.

Our membership directory is diverse and rich in experience. Members include accountants, authors, financial experts, real estate investors, brick-and-mortar shop owners, non-profits, travel professionals, graphic and web designers, writers, business coaches, consultants, and many more. 

No matter your industry, type of business or background, you belong in this vibrant and supportive community! 

We’re in this together, to help each other thrive.

There’s no reason to go it alone! Investing just $97 a month in yourself - the greatest investment you can make - will pay off BIG as you grow a thriving legacy business you can be proud of. 

Living the life of your dreams starts here, with your decision to join the Fiscally Fabulous BuildHER Business Community!

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