Real Estate Investors Association of NYC Announces New Member....


Real Estate Investors Association of NYC (REIA NYC) Announces New Member Benefits

By Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq.

NEW YORK, NY - Dr. Teresa Martin, creator and founder of the Generational Wealth Zone brands Enjoy Your Legacy and Real Estate Investors Association of NYC (REIA NYC), has created a new series of member benefits for the 2016-2017 season.

Real Estate Investors Association of NYC (REIA NYC) is one of the premier real estate investment associations serving the New York City and Long Island marketplace. The primary focus and mission for the association is “helping members build, preserve and harvest multi-generational wealth” in the areas of real estate, financial literacy, and business ownership.

Five of the newest benefits of the membership program are:

Property Maintenance & Supply Discounts - As a member, you will have access to The Home Depot’s Pro Xtra Loyalty program. As part of the loyalty program, you will recieve a 2% rebate on your Home Depot purchases, on top of their already low prices. Members will also be able to take advantage of the Home Depot Appliance program that allows customers to easily order the appliances from the exclusive catalog designed for National REIA members. Plus, The Home Depot now offers members 20% off interior and exterior paints and primers.

Printing & Office Supply Discounts - Members save 15-25% off annual office supply purchases at Office Depot / Office Max with 15-55% off pricing on over 1500 items most commonly purchased by businesses in all categories. Members also enjoy black and white copying for only 2.5 cents per copy.

Landlord Resources - National REIA members receive a discounted $0.95 set up fee for ISC (Investigative Screening & Consulting). We’ve combined the hands-on human element of investigative techniques we’ve always been known for with the speed, convenience, and cost-cutting power of the digital age to provide you with an all-in-one, mobile web-enabled screening process.

Investor Platforms - Real Estate Investment and Funding Association (REIFA) aims to launch a platform to better connect funders & investors in order to create easy, consistent & abundant deal flow. Members will post both their offer & their work criteria; those facets will be analyzed instantly to find the ideal match. With peer to peer review, we let the community build and back the integrity of each match alongside REIFA.

REALFLOW - What if you took all the work that a real estate investor has to do on a daily basis – things like finding deals, analyzing properties, making offers, and finding buyers – and put it all into one system that helps you complete each task faster? That is what Members have with Realeflow.

People who might want to consider joining REIA NYC include:

• Individuals and companies who are committed to the benefits of utilizing real estate investing as a vehicle to achieve financial independence. • People who enjoy being around individuals that are proactive, take action, and want to substantially increase their income. • People who want to belong to an association of people that buy income-producing property, create cash flow or other income streams. • Experienced investors who want to stay in touch and are interested in learning creative, advanced methods of real estate investing and sharing their knowledge with others. • People who are looking to buy their first house.

For the full list of benefits and their descriptions, click here. For information about joining REIA NYC, visit their website.

About Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq.

Aside from being a successful attorney and founder of Enjoy Your Legacy, Teresa is also a well-seasoned real estate investor who took the industry in awe with her focus on creative acquisition strategies that she has developed alone, has implemented and taught to others as the Founder/ Counsel of Real Estate Investors Association NYC. She was looked up by many people as well for being an inspiring Director as well as past President of the nation’s largest non-profit organization that is very much dedicated to investment education, New York Chapter of Better Investing.

Her extensive legal experience which is coupled with her great passion for financial ministry and consumer education made her join as well as complete her Group Leader training with the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (FCCI) in 2005. Teresa continues to equip, encourage and help the others to understand sound financial biblical principles through Generational Wealth Zone LLC. It is a conduit for a person to achieve financial freedom through a tutelage in the areas of business ownership, financial literacy, the stock market and real estate investing. Her core interest is the financial literacy of young adults, women, and other possible emerging markets that represent the financially disenfranchised segments of the population.