The Generational Wealth Zone Family

Who We Are and What We Do

Generational Wealth Zone is here to help you Enjoy Your Legacy. Whether you are starting up or are already in business, we help you through our interactive workshops that range from introductory to advance subjects. We counsel you and give you the strategies to succeed. But most importantly, we inspire you to move forward to succeed in business.

Generational Wealth Zone’s mission is to help its clients create, manage, protect and grow wealth. We take a systems approach to wealth: everything we do has been tested in the real world and proven to deliver results.

Generational Wealth Zone shares its knowledge through a growing selection of educational programs and events. Generational Wealth Zone is led by a seasoned team that combines decades of successful investment and business management experience.

The power of Generational Wealth Zone lies in its vision, to create a secure and sustainable pathway to financial freedom for everyone who seeks it, within five years or less. The company’s founders are motivated by their passion to make a transformative difference in as many lives as they can touch.

Our Gift is Vision—We see beyond the immediate and recognize opportunity where others see defeat. We create efficient systems that produce certainty in decision making and reliability in achievement. 

Our Commitment is Action—We are action takers; helping our investors and business owners overcome fear and move boldly toward their goals. As real estate and business veterans we safely guide our members and clients over the challenging terrain of property investment and business sustainability. We are a group of individuals dedicated to the success and happiness of our clients, helping them leverage our time, talent and skill for their benefit.

Wealth is a System

The Generational Wealth Zone system is more than an assembly of mechanical functions. It is a mindset and a commitment to the highest ethical standards.
Generational Wealth Zone sees every investor as the owner of his or her business, needing all the coaching, support and services that any CEO requires. For Generational Wealth Zone, real wealth begins as knowledge before it appears as money.

We look forward to working with you.

Our Services


Our Coaching Staff specializes in providing one-on-one, confidential consulting on a wide range of important business topics such as financing, marketing, strategic planning, QuickBooks, business plan development and managing for growth. Generational Wealth Zone serves as an assistance provider for private lenders, helps investors and entrepreneurs choose to invest in themselves and helps them develop successful business plan strategies. Each year hundreds of businesses gain valuable insights from our experienced consulting team. Our team can help you every step of the way from start up to succession planning with lots of expert assistance for those in between.

Workshop & Educational Training:

In addition to our consulting services, we also provide low-cost seminars, trainings, and workshops. Our workshops focus on everything critical to starting, growing and managing a business or real estate investment firm.


Click here to view downloadable documents and other online resources available to assist your small business!

Generational Wealth Zone services focus on the following business and real estate areas:

  •  Start-Up Assistance

  •  Real Estate Investment Basic and Advance Education

  •  Real Estate Creative Financing Models

  •  Business Structure/Formation

  •  Business Plan Assistance

  •  Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations

  •  Social Media and Online Marketing

  •  Sales and Business Development

  •  Access to Capital – Debt financing assistance and preparation (Loans/Lines of Credit/Alternative)

  •  Accounting/Bookkeeping 

  •  Financial Analysis/Cash Flow Management

  •  Business Model

  •  Exit Strategies

  •  Strategic Planning

  •  Market Analysis/Strategic Marketing

  •  Growth/Expansion

  •  Profitable Sustainability

  •  Management

  •  Comprehensive Business Strategic Assessment and Analysis

The Generational Wealth Zone Management Team 

Clients with Generational Wealth Zone know that their fortunes are not dependent on the knowledge or decisions of a single “guru”. Instead, they are served by a large Power Team of experts, with a diversity of experience and perspectives that ensures a balanced approach to risk-averse investing.

Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq. – Founder & CEO

As Founder of the Generational Wealth Zone Group, Teresa Martin formed the original vision for a group of companies that would help clients create, manage, protect and grow their wealth. She continues to shape the Generational Wealth Zone vision today, providing the energy and inspiration to continually move the company forward to greater achievements. 

She is one of the most-sought after lecturers in the industry and a competent consultant, keynote speaker, attorney, real estate investor, entrepreneur, educator, facilitator and a steward of hope as well as financial peace who deeply understands and emphasizes the importance of financial education both in business and in life. 

Aside from being a successful attorney and founder of Generational Wealth Zone, Teresa is also a well-seasoned real estate investor who took the industry in awe with her focus on creative acquisition strategies that she has developed alone, has implemented and taught to others through the Real Estate Investors Association NYC (REIA NYC). She was looked up by many people as well for being an inspiring Director as well as past President of the nation’s largest non-profit organization that is very much dedicated to investment education, New York Chapter of Better Investing.

Her extensive legal experience which is coupled with her great passion for financial ministry and consumer education made her join as well as complete her Group Leader training with the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (FCCI) in 2005. Teresa continues to equip, encourage and help the others to understand sound financial biblical principles through Generational Wealth Zone LLC. It is a conduit for a person to achieve financial freedom through a tutelage in the areas of business ownership, financial literacy, stock market and real estate investing. Her core interest is the financial literacy of young adults, women and other possible emerging markets that represent the financially disenfranchised segments in the population.

Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq. is a versatile professional and has exceptional business skills who has earned consistent investment returns in both up and down markets. 

William Moore – Operations & Business Development

William Moore was also one of the original founders of Generational Wealth Zone. His responsibilities include building and improving a variety of Generational Wealth Zone programs, with a particular focus on marketing and fulfillment. He undertakes the creation and delivery of educational content, directing and producing audio and visual programs for Generational Wealth Zone including REIA NYC and Business Finance Academy. William also coordinates with The Generational Wealth Zone’s CEO to identify and communicate with potential and current members and stakeholders.

William Moore has been Project Manager at a leading city and government agencies in the New York City area. He has also worked as a job developer, and is a recognized industry expert in “direct sales and affiliate program development,” a subject on which he has taught numerous classes. William is a retired Major from the United State Army National Guard and a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. 
His combined expertise represents spans over decades of experience in helping businesses and consumers improve their credit and lower their debt!

With 20 years of experience in sales, sales management and sales consulting, he has worked with top executives, to increase top-line revenue.

As a sales consultant, William has trained thousands of salespeople and trained hundreds of sales managers in both direct sales and affiliate marketing programs.

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