The Fiscally Fabulous
Luxury Lifestyle Mastermind Retreat 

South Africa

Transform Your Business From The Inside Out!

(January 15, 2021 - January 29, 2021)


Attention Entrepreneurs & Service Providers: If you’re tired of struggling to make ends meet,
working crazy hours, and feeling like a fraud, you need to know…

How to Finally Go From “Wannabe” Entrepreneur to Fiscally Fabulous Business Powerhouse…

At The Next Fiscally Fabulous Luxury Lifestyle Mastermind Retreat in South Africa!


Stop the overwhelm, overwork, and under appreciation, and build a business you’ll be proud of…

Hey There Fabulous,

How frustrated are you right now?

If you’re anything like the entrepreneurs and service providers I speak with every day, you’re probably working way more hours than you want to and getting far less accomplished than you need to.

You beat yourself up about your “lack of productivity” (even though it’s really NOT your fault) and you look at all those other entrepreneurs who seem to have it all together (they don’t) and you wonder, “What the heck is wrong with me?”

Nothing. Absolutely nothing is wrong with you. The real problem is…


No One Prepared You For The Nitty-Gritty,
Down-And-Dirty Work Of Running A Business


Sure, everyone and her dog has a course or a blog or an eBook about hot new marketing strategies and following your passion and filling your mailing list with potential clients.

And don’t get me wrong. That stuff is super important!

But you know what else is important? Having the freedom to live your life, and that means…

  • Not spending all day struggling with stubborn tech.

  • Not losing sleep over your feast or famine finances.

  • Not wasting yet another weekend re-inventing the wheel.

If you’re still working way too hard, then you have to know that the truly successful

entrepreneurs aren’t working 14-hour days, and they’re not wondering how they’re going to pay the electric bill.

Instead, they’ve built a sustainable, repeatable, scalable business, and you can, too. In fact, you don’t really have a choice.

Trust me when I say…


You’re On The Fast Track To Business Burnout


If you’ve ever had a fleeting (or maybe not so fleeting) thought of just getting a JOB again, then you know what I’m talking about.

Your to-do list gets longer every day.

Your bank account is suffering.

And you? Well, you’re just exhausted.

You’re working seven days per week, and most of them still in your pajamas because you don’t even have time to shower and dress.

And if you’re not there yet…just wait. It’s inevitable, unless you do something to fix what’s broken.


Fiscally Fabulous Luxury
Lifestyle Mastermind Retreat in South Africa

If you want to turn your self-employment gig (JOB) into a real business that supports
you without stressing you out, then this retreat is for you.

Work on Your Business | Create More Revenue
Collaborate with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs | Build Value | Travel the World

If you’re a mover and a shaker with some big picture, game changing ideas, we have got an opportunity you cannot pass up.

Join a group of movers and shakers like you for a luxury retreat designed with collaboration in mind. You will be treated to a world-class escape and travel the world, all while engaging in meaningful conversations and activities with like-minded people to flesh out your next big idea.

We provide an exciting adventure as a platform for you to make meaningful connections while you nurture your concepts into a strong, powerful and achievable plan.

This is a great opportunity to seek insight and input from your peers and industry leaders like you to help develop your plan and goals and find solutions to the challenges you may be facing.

The experiences and insight you glean from these conversations are just as valuable for professionals well-established in their fields as it is for newcomers looking for wisdom from the experienced members.

You get to focus on the building and developing - we’ll take care of the accommodations, including transportation to and from the airport. No need to bother yourself with the details.

While I will facilitate the structured mastermind sessions, you and your fellow retreat members are the star players here. Grow your business and personal development in an adventurous setting at our next Fiscally Fabulous Luxury Lifestyle Mastermind Retreat.



We are accepting only 20 game-changers, so make sure you book your spot.

This is the ultimate ticket to the lifestyle you have been dreaming of!
Tap into this one-of-a-kind opportunity today.

Together, we’ll build a rock-solid foundation, create repeatable, scalable systems, and make some critical mindset adjustments, so you can step away from the overwhelm and into your boss-lady role. 


Sound good? Here’s everything we can cover… 

  • Create Your Fiscally Fabulous Business Plan. Without a solid foundation, no business will survive for long. This is all about giving your business the support it needs to thrive.

  • Partnering with Fiscally Fabulous Systems that Work for You. Once you’re on a good solid foundation, it’s time to position yourself for massive scale. That means implementing systems that work smoothly, so you’re not continually re-inventing the wheel at every step.

  • Fiscally Fabulous Money Management. No business survives for long with poor cash flow, and that includes small business startups like yours. Not only that, but the stress that comes from worrying about money all the time will kill that freedom you crave, and have you working endless hours without vacations or time off.

  • Outsourcing like a Fiscally Fabulous CEO. Here’s where most entrepreneurs struggle. You know you need help to achieve your goals, but how do you find the time to hire and train the right people? We will tackle how to effectively train and manage your team—including a done-for-you solutions that will save you hours of time every month.

  • Whatever it is you want to discuss and work on!

Here’s the bottom line: systems are important, and automation makes business management much easier, but unless you’re outsourcing, you’re still working too hard.


Your Bonus

The Business Success Blueprint Program!

  • 90 days of bi-monthly LIVE group coaching sessions to create your successful and sustainable business.

  • Membership in our private BuildHER Facebook group for one year. 

Come to the Mastermind with a list of what you want to get DONE and we’ll accomplish it together!


Build The Business You Deserve 

Listen, you can’t continue to operate your business the same way you always have and expect to attain your income and lifestyle goals.

You absolutely must uplevel, and that means adding good systems, getting clear on your money (both your goals and the reality of where you’re at right now), and moving the “busy” work off your desk.

Only then will you have the time freedom and mental capacity to truly grow.

It all starts with this retreat.

Together we’ll build the foundation from which you will soar.


I can’t promise that you’ll make a million dollars but I can promise you this: you will finally have the tools and strategies you need to build a profitable, sustainable business...and you’ll do it with a lot less stress than you have right now.

How much is that worth to you? 

Fabulously Yours,


Let’s Make it Happen!


Dr. Teresa R. Martin is a real estate legal consultant & expert business acceleration strategist, sought after speaker, entrepreneurial thought leader, and best-selling author who is on a relentless mission to change the conversation about generational wealth and empower people around the world to become legacy builders.

As a highly talented professional and accomplished consultant, Teresa practices a streamlined and intuitive approach to assisting business owners, which rests on empathy, efficiency, and astute problem solving. She has since discovered that most business owners were missing the key knowledge and planning skills necessary to make their business successful. This insight led Teresa to create a simple system where individual investors and entrepreneurs could receive exclusive training focused on business monetization. She effectively guides her clients with customized systems and follow-up implementation that turns prospects into profits through joint venture partnerships, product sales, business credit optimization and owner’s fundability.

Teresa is living the life she loves and can teach you how to do the same! She is dedicated to showing individuals and entrepreneurs how to become financially empowered by turning the work they love into a profitable and sustainable business. In her speaking engagements and with her clients, she reveals the secret to finding hidden money in client’s bank accounts through a simple mindset and business-model shift which quickly attracts new money.

Currently, she is famous for helping clients plan, build, and profit from their successful business that both change lives and add serious income to their bottom line! 



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