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“Who Else Wants to Help Their Business to Thrive with Reputable Personal Financial Coaching and Innovative Consulting VIP Days?”

Sometimes small businesses need a little help to reach their full potential. Support from sought-after personal finance and business coach, real estate coach, legal consultant and businesswoman, Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq., has changed the fortunes of many potential businesses. Her vast expertise and experience will provide valuable insights and personal empowerment for both the individual and small business owner.

Are you disillusioned with your business and need some inspiration?
Does your business require professional guidance to reach the next step?
Would an in-depth business assessment and idea implementation to benefit your business?

Personal Financial Coaching and Consulting VIP Days are a unique opportunity to gain business guidance from an expert.

Your business is your top priority: nurture it with profound insights and cutting-edge resources.

You will be allocated a day focused solely on you and your goals.

Many businesswomen have already invested in themselves by harnessing this opportunity. In turn, their businesses are now following a clear path to the next achievement. Perhaps you are unsure how your business can develop. Maybe you are lackluster: wanting to enjoy renewed enthusiasm again about your business potential.These are familiar reasons why people benefit from Personal Financial Coaching and Consulting Days.

“Dr. Teresa is relentless in providing her time and energy to produce thorough and informative meeting agendas. I have been extremely impressed at the level of organization she possesses to flawlessly execute well run meetings and events.

Teresa is not only extremely knowledgeable, but she selflessly provides her time to give coaching to new members through the new member orientation and follow-up one on one sessions to get members moving in the right direction.”

~ Sonya Rocvil, Berry Rocvil Enterprises, LLC

Another reason to invest in this business opportunity is the quality of the expertise: delivered by credible businesswoman, Dr. Teresa R. Martin. Esq. who will help you maximize your investment.

“Dr. Attorney Teresa Martin has provided the professional insight, encouragement & support that I have been looking for in a coach. Actually she had provided much more than I expected. 

Her hands on approach & understanding has enabled me to move pass my personal fears limitations. Without her support I don’t think that would have gotten to the stage that I have in my business.

I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about their company moves to the next stage or if they are just starting out as I am to seek out her professional guidance.” 

~ Jacqueline McKinnon, Huffman Properties Inc.

Teresa identifies areas businesses may struggle and ways to overcome them. She has a wealth of expertise regarding real estate, personal finance and bankruptcy and you are guaranteed to put your ideas into action during this one-day intensive driven program.

Reach a new level of personal growth and renewed self-belief

Why are other businesswomen like you investing in Personal Empowerment?

  • In-depth business assessment evaluates state of business and offers suggestions.

  • 30-minute pre-VIP Day call: Clarify our agenda to ensure every minute is meaningful.

  • 6.5 hours of customized consulting plus meals: Significant 1 to 1 time to improve business.

  • 3x 30-minute post VIP strategy calls: maintain progress, scheduled at 30, 60 and 90 days.

  • Additional support is optional: 6 months more accountability available at an extra charge.

  • 90-day e-mail access: Teresa’s 1-to-1 personal support addresses queries and gives advice.

  • Audio recordings of each live session: Reflect on suggestions and keep for your records.

  • 2 complimentary tickets to Wealth Summit Live (travel/hotel not included): Exciting and acclaimed business event.

  • BONUS: Bring one companion: As an added bonus, business partner or spouse is permitted to attend.

You will find one to one business advice, analysis, implementation and ongoing support is invaluable to your business.

Teresa will empower you to realize your self-worth and business potential.

Build real-lasting wealth with a rejuvenated mindset and clear direction.

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