Power Coaching


“There’s no time like the present. The time to achieve strength, independence, and emotional fulfillment is now. The time to strive for your dreams is now. The time to build a legacy of which you are proud is now. Your family will use your achievements to grow and empower themselves for many generations.”

This includes a 5-month package with e-mail support between sessions. It includes access to my personal network of contacts and resources.

Benefits Include:

  • One-on-one coaching: private sessions with your own coach.

  • Advice from top business professional: keynote speaker, educator and mentor

  • Inspiring advice: Feel up lifted with a renewed enthusiasm to achieve your goals.

  • Weekly 30 minute sessions per month: Gain momentum to reach your goals.

  • Five-minute laser coaching by phone between regular sessions.

  • Between session e-mail support: Convenient communication when you need it most.

  • Access to tools and assessments and our network of contacts and resources.

  • Goal orientated sessions: Achievable objectives that are clearly explained.

  • Help with finances and expenses: Money management and budgeting advice.

  • Eliminate debt: Strategic planning to reduce and resolve debt and money problems.

  • Build a working budget: Devise a blueprint which will help you to budget in the future.

  • Real estate advice from experts in this field who has extensive experience.

  • Deal with collectors: Ways to calmly, carefully and legally deal with collectors and lenders.

  • Plan for retirement and college: Budget for your education and invest in your future.

  • Program to suit lifestyle requirements: Choose from one of four coaching packages.

  • Budget to fit every business: Great value coaching at a price that is affordable.

  • Transform your business: Act on this invaluable advice and see your business evolve.


Hear What Our Clients are Saying…

Let a top businesswoman help you achieve your goal. Dr. Teresa R. Martin Esq., has achieved success in real estate, personal finance and legal arenas. She is a credible educator and mentor for individuals and businesses who need inspiration and carefully considered advice.
— Sharon Clarke Sharon’s Voice
Goal orientated program which will help you to attain success. The advice is well-structured, with achievable goals listed in recommended time frames to ensure that they can be realistically accomplished.
— Shanita Williamson West Indigenous Inc.
This coaching program is incredibly good value. Gain personal expertise from a reputable businesswoman plus follow-up sessions for an unbeatable price. Where else will you gain 1 on 1 advice from an expert solely focused on you and your business?