10-Day E-Course: Protect Your ASSets … Wills 101

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10-Day E-Course: Protect Your ASSets … Wills 101


Estate planning is more than just planning for death. It includes a lifetime of estate building and seeing that your assets are fully protected to be passed to the next generation. Even in death, you can control what happens to the assets you’ve earned for the people you love. Learn why you need a will and how to eliminate estate problems with practical, cost-effective solutions in a free course designed with you and your beneficiaries in mind.

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Without proper planning, complex estate issues and death taxes will arise. Regardless of your age, race, or financial status you should plan your estate now to optimize asset control before it’s out of your hands.

10-Day Will Protection Course Outline:

  • Why you’ll need a will

  • Do you need an attorney to make a will?

  • Living wills

  • Choosing beneficiaries in your will

  • Finding an executor for your will

  • Tips on minimizing inheritance tax

  • Benefits of setting up a trust

  • Do I need to worry about probate?

  • Common mistakes when making a will

  • When should you change your will?

Armed with the right information, you can control your successes and ensure the fruits of your life’s work are given to those they were intended for.