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The Generational Wealth Zone Real Estate Investors Association (REIA NYC) Mastermind & Training Membership Program is designed to support and grow our investor and real estate professional members. Members can rest assured that they are getting the best value for their annual dues, because REIA NYC’s constantly evolving benefits package assures that our members have the resources they need for success in today’s market. By logging in to the website members gain access to direct links to our benefit providers, applications, and brochures. Managing your REIA NYC membership account and benefits has never been this easy! 

Why Should You Become a Member?

In the business world there are limitless opportunities for those who seek them out. Finding a method to successfully invest and to receive a return on that investment is one of the oldest principles taught by financial advisors. Real estate investments have the reputation for helping investors to create large amounts of wealth. However, large returns also normally indicate a higher amount of risk.

How can you mitigate that risk? How do you get started investing in real estate? What types of financing are available to those who want to invest? What are the rules and regulations that you need to know to get involved?

This is where joining REIA NYC (Real Estate Investing Association) Mastermind & Training can help. A REIA is a group of like-minded individuals who are investing in real estate now. They are aware of the laws, best practices, and have invaluable experience to share. Joining REIA NYC is also a fantastic way to network and to create future business relationships.

REIA NYC is recognized chapter of National REIA. REIA’s that are in the National REIA network are optimized to give you the greatest chance at success in the real estate investment world.REIA NYC Mastermind & Training Membership offers:

  • Relationships and benefits with vendors common to real estate vendors (Home Depot, OfficeDepot/OfficeMax, and many others)

  • Massive national networking events including Annual Real Estate Cruise

  • Exclusive online real estate investment education

  • Newsletters highlighting industry trends and current legislative updates

  • Much, much more…


Professional Housing Provider (PHP) Program



REIA NYC is proud to participate in the National Professional Housing Provider program. The National Professional Housing Provider (PHP) designation is a nationally recognized education-based certification program designed for Real Estate Investors to recognize the high level of knowledge and professionalism among the holders of this designation. It is sponsored and overseen by the National Real Estate Investor’s Association (NREIA).

Why obtain the PHP designation?

Only persons completing the educational requirements will be permitted to hold themselves out to the public as a Professional Housing Provider. The designee will be recognized in the form of an award certificate, pin and the right to use the designation. He or she should recognize that having a basic education in the topics outlined below will increase his or her ability to reach his goals in real estate investment. In addition, the PHP program raises investors’ level of professionalism and status in the eyes of the public and government. It also aids in encouraging legislators to think of educated investors as a larger group for political action.

How will I obtain these hours?

These hours may be obtained through local association meetings and seminars or through courses taught or sponsored by our Generational Wealth Zone REIA NYC Mastermind & Training Program and our national association, NREIA.


The course of study is divided into 44 clock hours of core courses and 18 hours of elective topics for a total of 62 hours of formal education. The core topics are as follows:

Course Name Hours Description
Hands-on2Including actual hands-on opportunities and demonstrations
Contract Law3Including basic contract law; using contracts and clauses to protect yourself, developing contracts such as leases, options, purchase contracts etc. that for the real estate investment business
Tax Law (income)1Including calculating and minimizing taxes, and tax laws as they affect the real estate investor
Finance6Including conventional financing, FHA/VA financing, Owner financing of all types; comparing, financing, offering financing.
Ethics2Including enacting and actual use of, national, state, local, and personal business ethics statements, policies and practices
Rehab4Including estimation, which projects will pay for themselves, etc.
Rehab4Including estimation, which projects will pay for themselves, etc.
Fair Housing Law2Including federal, state, and local fair housing regulations
Purchasing2Including finding deals and calculating profitability
Appraisal2Including formal appraisal methods (cost, income, and replacement method), PACE instruction, how to compare properties, etc.
Marketing2Including how to market properties for sale and for rent; how to market buying services
Tenant-Landlord Law2Including landlord’s and tenants responsibilities, evictions, etc.
Negotiation3Including negotiating with sellers, buyers, renters, contractors and vendors, banks, etc.
Inspections2Including pre- and post- purchase inspections and pre and post move-out inspections of properties held.
Tax Law (other)1Including property taxes, 1031 tax deferred trades, etc.
Local Regulations2Including regulations affecting real estate investment OTHER THAN tax laws, fair housing laws, and EPA regulations.
Federal Regulations1Including regulations affecting real estate investment such as; lead paint regulations, wetlands regulations, underground storage tank regulations, Environmental Quality Zone regulations, etc.
Insurance-Property1Including what type of property insurance is appropriate for investment property; negotiating for the best rates and renter’s insurance
Insurance-Worker's Compensation1Including when, how and for whom to carry worker’s compensation insurance
Insurance-Liability1Including why and how much


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