The Coach’s Playbook

A Complete Guide and Tools for Coaching Your Clients to Success

The Coach’s Playbook provides all the tools that coaches need to work effectively with clients to help them achieve their goals. Both business and life coaches will benefit from using these tools at each stage of the coaching process – Preparing for coaching sessions, Analyzing goals, obstacles and issues, Coaching the client to success, and motivating them to Take Action. There are 10 chapters and worksheets in the toolkit, along with other tools and resources.

The Coach’s Playbook contains the following:

  • What Your Client Needs to Do Before Your First Coaching Session

  • Preparing for the First Coaching Session

  • The First Coaching Session – Creating an Individualized Coaching Plan

  • How to Run an Effective Coaching Session

  • How to Do a SWOT Analysis

  • Root Cause Analysis – Asking Why

  • The Power of High Impact Questions

  • Tips for Helping Clients Set Priorities and Create Action Plans

  • Tips for Taking Action – How You Can Help Your Coaching Clients Succeed

  • After the Coaching Ends – Maintaining Momentum

Tools and Resources

  • Infographic – Coaching process and tools overview

  • Infographic – Self Assessment

  • Self-Assessment Worksheet

  • Business Overview Worksheet

  • Coaching Session Preparation Worksheet

  • Individual Coaching Plan Template

  • Coaching Feedback Worksheet

  • Coaching Session Agenda Template

  • SWOT Analysis Matrix

  • Root Cause Analysis Worksheet

  • High Impact Questions Worksheet

  • Goal and Action Plan Template

  • Accountability Checklist

  • Coaching Journal

  • Quote Images – 3 images with quotes on coaching

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